Tina Stefanou born in 1986, lives and works in Australia and Europe. Tina has a background in performing arts and music and attempts to work ungoverned across different mediums. Her work has been presented/exhibited at Salt Museum - Istanbul, Le Pavé d'Orsay - Paris, Gallery Corazon - La Plata. She has spent a large part of her time exploring new landscapes and mediums abroad. Her work reflects a desire to understand her place on the earth and her unrest with the status quo. 

‘The artists, who never worried about creating “works of art” chose any material as long as it conveyed her ideas and thoughts and as long as it liked the territories of genius one to the other’ Robert Fillou



2017 - 2017     Paris College of the Arts                                                                                                        

2016 - 2019     Sydney College of the Arts

2012 - 2014     Macquarie University

2005 - 2006    Monash University

2001 - 2004     Victorian College of the Arts


2017     Group Show - Ensemble Human, Garment, Environmental Interface - Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne, AUS

2017     Group Show - Flux - Le Pavé d'Orsay, Paris, FR                                                           

2016     Group Show - Transitions - Blue House, Sydney, AUS

2014     Solo Show -Post Dictatorship - Residency Corazon Gallery, Buenos Aires, ARG

2014     Group show - Lamas Sin Fronteras - Lamas, PE

2014     Group show - Exposition de Arte - San Roque De Cumbaza, PE


2017      Australian Art Orchestra, Music Intensive, Tasmania, AUS

2017      Time and Music Summer Academy with composer Mark Applebaum, Viitasaari, FI

2015       1 year self directed- Istanbul, TUR

2014       Residencia Corazon- Buenos Aires, ARG

2014       Sachaqa Centro De Arte- San Roque De Cumbaza, PE


2017     Jerome de Costa Memorial Award

2016     Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Award

2016     Blue House Emerging Artist Award

2012     Music Oz Awards (finalist for best music video with band Planet Love Sound)


2017      Illegal Hits, Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne, AUS

2017      AAO presentation, MONA, Tasmania, AUS

2017      Musical Collisions & Radical Creativity with Mark Applebaum, Viitasaari, FI

2017      3 Paintings 3 Songs - Le Pavé d'Orsay, Paris, FR

2017      Alexandra Pirici : Parthenon Marbles - an ongoing action - Kadist, Paris, FR                        

2016     11 years - endurance piece - Salt Museum, Istanbul, TUR

2015     Soft Demands - live music performance - The Darbuka Office Istanbul, TUR

2014     Logos Jam - live music performance - Tishendorf Cafe Berlin, GER

2014     Offering to La Plata - Gallery Corazon - Buenos Aires, ARG

2013     Improvised noise - live music performance - Toff in Town Melbourne, AUS

2012     On the Run - music performance for Music OZ awards - Sydney Opera House, AUS

2012     Part II,  music performance with band Planet Love Sound - Warehouse, Melbourne, AUS

2012     Craig Schuftan's book launch 'Entertain Us!' - The Tote, Melbourne, AUS

2011     Black feet - A collaboration with Lottie Consalvo Leipzig International art program, GER

2011     My Shadow -  music performance - Marx & Engels Gallery Berlin, GER

2010    Planet Love Sound supporting American band Warpaint - Festaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, GER

2010    Planet Love Sound supporting Canadian band Holy Fuck - Comet, Berlin, GER

2010    Planet Love Sound supporting American artist Karen Elson - Heimathafen Neukolln, Berlin, GER


2016    Single release Soft Demands by music duo LOGOS  

2016    Album Cover, Innocent Dreamer by Jamie Oehlers and Tal Cohen

2016    Album Cover, Elemental by Constantine

2015    Album Cover, Before I tried LCD by Atsok

2014    Album Cover Can you see with two set of eyes? by Marc Hannaford

2015    Featured Performance in Sleep Over Club Magazine

2015    Featured Artist, Semi Permanent Book, Sydney, AUS

2015    Featured Artist, Clooch Magazine, London, UK

2013    EP Release PART II with band Planet Love Sound

2012    EP Release PART I with band Planet Love Sound