Sequence dialogue

Jasper : Where do you draw the line? Some people find there thing.... Elliot Carter.

Tat: It's wet ..humid

Jasper : He created a whole method for chords, he kept composing till 102, over 40 works between the ages of 90 and 100, and there not just melodies, there fucking works...he would of done more if he wasn't limited by his body...perhaps it is a blessing he slowed down. Some people got so......I wonder if I have anything to give?

Tat: That's the trick if would could just see past the gender...

Jasper: I had a dream I was in Africa and there was a war...who with.... Went into a pile of rubbish and found a rode and a steel sword ...I felt comfortable. It was gorilla warfare.

Tat: I had a dream too, I also can't remember with you. I got bitten by a snake.

Jasper: What kind of snake?

Tat: The thing is I keep interpreting my dream whilst I am in the dream. That's what movies do. They amplify what we subtly feel...There's something about keeping that's not right.

Jasper: I feel the same way about music..when your arms are bung (chuckle). So we think art and creativity is some sort of answer but as more people create the competition wave comes in  and removes from creation...what do you think about that?

Tat: I think we are A I creating A I and that's it.

Jasper: Then what other intelligence created us?

Tat: There is no us...there is only us. Us breaks down to 'Plural universe'

Jasper: Which means?

Tat: I don't know.

Jasper: Give it more thought.