Nothing everything

Nothing is holding you. Nothing is locked. Nothing is. Nothing to think. Your thinking is only a platform to remind you to feel. Structure is only a platform to show you there is nothing. Feeling is only a platform to inform the lesson. Then you return to thinking, which reminds you to feel. Feeling reminds you that your program is sorting through its infinite links to the infinite links of everything else which is you, not you. You not you is a pattern that rolls around in its space of occupancy until the everything nothing completes its thinking- feeling circuit. All is necessary every action, reaction, attachment and detachment, takes place because your program is in natural effect with all other programs. You can't help this other then becoming aware of the everything nothing structure of nothing everything. Your existence is a structure that exists to express the nothings of everything. Like music, art and the digestive system which isn't just an expressive circle of the everyday cycle, a spiraling solar movement, it is a structure to show you that your body doesn't exists in of itself. It exists only to observe the nothingness. Full empty, digested or solid. Sound or no sound it is the same thing and both cancel each other out. Within each paradox there is a truth and a lie. We can not assimilate existence without both truths. Imagination is the creator. the god, Atman, the car. Imagination is the nothing everything in which everything nothing takes place. The ultimate structure, platform for relative motion-relative thought. The moment a keyhole in a keyhole revealing the infinite program of your perception. In this ocean we are all symbols. Drifting equations, empty and full serving the nothing everything of everything nothing.